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Saratov State University, Saratov, 1958 г.
Идентификаторы в системах наукометрии: 
Thesis and academic degrees: 
Terminal degree in Chemistry, Hydroamination of Mono-, Dicarbonyl Compounds and Their Transmutation Products in Aza-heterocycle Synthesis, 1987 г.
Research Interests: 
Synthesis, structure and reaction of α, β-unsatutared Ketones
Stereo- and regio-selective synthesis of condensed heterocycle
Finding biologically active substances
Общий стаж: 
65 лет
Стаж по специальности: 
65 лет
Other Administrative Positions: 

Work experience:

Since 1958: graduate students, research fellow, assistant (1958-1967), Associate Professor (since 1972), Professor (since 1989), Chair (since 1992), Professor at the Department (since 2008).


Honors and Awards: 
Honorary Worker of Higher School
Honorary Professor of Saratov State University
Diploma of “Scientific Partnership” International Fund
Badge of Honor from Saratov Region Governor “For Love to Home Ground”
Veteran of Labor
Winner of Socialist Competition
USSR Inventor
Silver Medal of the II Saratov Innovations and Discoveries Salon
I Prize of Bashkir Region Administration Competition in Research and Development of New Chemical Agents, Saratov State University competition on best scientific work
Преподаваемые дисциплины: 
Органическая химия
Химия гетероциклических соединений
Химия биологически активных гетероциклических соединений
Прикладная химия ароматических и гетероциклических соединений
Main Publications: 
  1. Chemistry of Cross-Conjugated Dienes and Their Derivatives// Chemistry Success. 2008. Vol. 77. Issue 8. P. 707-727. (with Vanadze S.Z., Golikov A.G., Zyk N.V.)
  2. Isolation and Characterization of Tautomeric Forms of 2,4-diacetyl-3-(o-R-aryl)-5-hydroxy-5-methylcyclohexanones // Russian Chemical Bulletin. 2004. Vol.53, №12. P. 2782 – 2786. (with V.V. Sorokin, А.P. Krivenґko, A.K. Ramazanov)
  3. Molecular and Crystal Structure of 2,4-diethoxicarbonyl-5-hydroxi-5-methyl-3-phenyl-N-(3-chlorophenyl)-1-cyclohexenylamyn// Journal of Structural Chemistry. 2009. Vol. 50. Issue 5. P. 963-966. (with Grigorieva E.A., Grigoriev A.V., Sorokin V.V., Solodovnikov S.F.)
  4. Defining the Structure of Carbo- and Heterocyclic Compounds Using Spectral methods. Saratov. Nauka. 2010.
  5. Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Ponomarev// Izvestia Saratovskogo Universiteta. New series. Chemistry. Biology. Ecology. 2009. Vol. 9. (with Astakhova L.N.)
  6. XI All-Russia Conference Carbonyl Compounds in Heterocycle Synthesis// ChGS. 2009. №1. P. 152-154.
  7. First Example of Interaction between Nonsymmetrical Diene Derivatives and 3-amyno-1,2,4,-triasole. Formation of Isomer Octohydrotriasolequinasolines // ChGS. 2009. №8. P. 1269-1272. (with Varshalomidze I.E., Golikov A.G.)
  8. Synthesis and Structure of Ceclanepirazolines with Base of Nonsymmetrical Diene Derivatives of Cyclopentane and Cyclohexan// Izvestia Saratovskogo Universiteta. New series. Chemistry. Biology. Ecology. 2009. Vol. 9. Issue 2. P. 8-12. (with Egorov S.V., Fomina Yu.A., Golikov A.G.)
  9. Synthesis and Structure of (thio)semicarbozonocyclohexandicarboxilates. Molecular and Crystal Structure of 4-hydroxi-4-methyl-6-thiosemicarbozono-2-phenylcyclohexane-1,3-dicarboxilate// Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2009. Vol. 45. P. 1796-1799. (with Poplevina N.V., Schelochkova O.A., Golikov A.G., Solodovnikov S.F.)
  10. Synthesis and Structure of Acetyl-substituted Ceclohexanecarboxilates// Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2010. Vol. 46. P. 605-607. (with Subbotin V.E., Sorokin V.V., Golikov A.G.)
  11. Synthesis and Structure of Substituted Traizo9loquinazolines// ChGS. 2010. №9. P. 1420-1422. (with Poplevina N.V., Kuznetsova A.A.)
  12. Synthesis and Reactions with Hydrazine of Cycloheptane Diene Derivatives// Journal of General Chemistry. 2011. Vol. 81. P. 341-343. (with Varshalomidze I.E., Iglenkova M.G., Golikov A.G.)
  13. Aromatic Diazo- and Azocompounds. Textbook for Chemistry Students. Saratov SSU Press. 2012. (with Poplevina N.V.)
  14. Antimicrobial Activity of N-adamanthylmethylenamynocyclohexancarboxilates// Izvestia Saratovskogo Universiteta. New series. Chemistry. Biology. Ecology. 2012. Vol. 12. Issue 2. P. 8-9. (with Zinina E.A., Shurshalova N.F., Nechaeva O.V., Sorokin V.V.)
  15. Ternary Synthesis of Tetrazolopirimidins Annulated by carbocyles// ChGS. 2012. P. 2000. (with Matveeva A.A., Borisova M.Yu., Poplevina N.V.)
  16. Synthesis, Ways of Formation and Isomerization of Tetrazoloquinazolines// Izvestia Saratovskogo Universiteta. New series. Chemistry. Biology. Ecology. 2013. Vol. 13. Issue 4. P. 24-27. (with Matveeva A.A., Borisova M.Yu., Boiko V.S.)
  17. Crystal Structure of 9-(furan-2-il)-4,5,6,7,8,9-hexahydro[1,2,3,4]tetrazolo[1,5b]quinazoline// Journal of Structural Chemistry. 2013. № 3. P. 588-590. (with Matveeva A.A., Reshetov A.P.)
  18. Synthesis of Partially Saturated Tetrazolocyclanopirimidins by Oxidating Their Isologs// Izvestia Saratovskogo Universiteta. New series. Chemistry. Biology. Ecology.2014. Vol. 14. Issue 4. P. 14-17. (with Matikenova A.A., Lukashova O.V.)
  19. Tetrazole Inhibitors Influence on Steele’s Corrosion and Electrochemical Behavior in Phosphate Solutions// Izvestia Saratovskogo Universiteta. New series. Chemistry. Biology. Ecology. 2014. Vol. 14. Issue 2. P. 32-39. (with Komov D.N., Adiba A. Mahmmod, Matikenova A.A., Isaycheva L.A., Kazarinov I.A.)
  20. Transformation of Azolocyclonodihydropirimidins under Oxidizing Agents// Izvestia Saratovskogo Universiteta. New series. Chemistry. Biology. Ecology. 2014. Vol. 14. Issue 1. P. 29-32. (with Matekinova A.A.)
  21. Characteristics of Ternary Cyclocondensation of 5-nytrothiophen-2-carbadehyd, Cyclohexanon and C-amynotri(tetr)azoles. Formation of Isomer Triazolehexahydroquinazolines and Its Ways // Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2015. Vol. 51. №12. P.1799-1802. (with Vasilkova A.A., Aniskov A.A.)
  22. One-pot Synthesis of Isomer Triazolecyclopirimidins// Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2015. Vol. 51. №3. P. 394-396. (with Matveeva A.A., Matikenova A.A., Aniskov A.A.)
  23. Ethzycarbonyl(acetyl)cyclohexanon in Reactions with C- and N-Amynotriazoles// Butler Readings. 2015. Vol. 42. №4. P. 108-111. (with Vasilkova N.O., Zaraeva N.V., Sorokin V.V.)
  24. Aminoazoles in Synthesis of (Functionally-)Substituted Azoloquinazolins// Izvestia Vuzov. Chemistry and Chemical Technology. 2015. Vol. 58. №3. P. 14-17. (with Vasilkova N.O., Zaraeva N.V., Sorokin V.V.)
Grants anf scientific projects: 
  1. Scientific advisor of projects funded by RF State Committee on Science, programs and grants “Reactive”, Russian Fund for Basic Research, “Fine Organic Synthesis”, “Fundamental Research in Chemistry Technology”, “Universities of Russia”, presidential program for support of young scientists, Soros Fund, etc.
Post-graduate Students: 
Petrova, N.V.
Grigorieva, A.V.
Seller, R.V.
Schekotikhin, Yu.M.
Golikov, A.G.
Semenova, N.N.
Ramazanov, A.K.
Grigorieva, E.A.
Bugaev, A.A.
Schelochkova, O.A.
Schelochkov, A.G.
Morozova, A.A.
Fomina, Yu.A.
Poplevina, N.V.
Varshalomidze, I.E.
Andreev, I.E.
Matveeva, A.A.
Matikenova, A.A.
Выпущенные доктора: Николаева Т.Г. 1999г.; Решетов П.В. 2004г.; Сорокин В.В. 2004г.; Голиков А.Г. 2008г.
Additional information: 

Deputy Chair of Dissertation Committee D212.243.07