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  • Aleksey K. Fedorov, Russian Quantum Center (Russia)
  • Evgeniy O. Kiktenko, Russian Quantum Center (Russia)
  • Alena S. Mastiukova, Russian Quantum Center (Russia); Moscow Institute of Physics and Technologies (Russia)
International Program Committee:
  • Yury V. Kurochkin, NTI Center for Quantum Communications at MISiS University (Russia)
  • Vadim Makarov, NTI Center for Quantum Communications at MISiS University (Russia)
  • Georgy Shlyapnikov, LPTMS, University of Paris-Sud (France), University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Russian Quantum Center (Russia)

The main goal of the Conference is to cover recent advances in the field of quantum science and technologies. The conference is devoted to both fundamental and technological aspects of modern quantum technologies that include quantum computing and simulation, quantum communications, quantum sensing and metrology.


The scientific program will include but is not restricted to the following topic areas:

  • Quantum computing and simulation;
  • Quantum communications and quantum cryptography;
  • Quantum metrology and sensing;
  • Quantum information processing;
  • Qubits and quantum gates;
  • Quantum tomography;
  • Quantum algorithms. 
  • Call for papers