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  • Olga E. Glukhova, Saratov State University, Russia
  • Pavel V. Barkov, Dmitry A. Kolosov, Saratov State University, Russia
Program Committee:

Ming-Fa Lin, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Albert G. Nasibulin, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia

Zhang Gang, Institute of High Performance Computing, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore

Tatiana R. Prytkova, Cloud Pharmaceuticals, USA

Irina V. Zaporotskova, Volgograd State University, Volgograd, Russia

Galina N. Maslyakova, Saratov State Medical University named after V.I. Razumovsky, Saratov, Russia

Igor S. Nefedov, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

The main goal of the Conference is to discuss theoretical and experimental methods for studying of structure, properties (optical, electronic, etc.) and applications of low-dimensional structures. The special attention will be given to discussion of problem of the application of low-dimensional structures in biomedicine. Various aspects of nanobiomechanics, molecular dynamics, nanobioelectronics will also be discussed.


The education and scientific program will include but is not restricted to the following topics:

  • Synthesis technology of low-dimensional structures (nanofilms, nanocoating, nanotubes, nanowires, graphene, fullerenes)
  • Atomic structure and properties of low-dimensional structures 
  • Methods for characterization of nanoparticles 
  • Biomedical and non-biomedical applications of low-dimensional structures
  • 3D wireframe materials based of carbon nanostructures and natural polymer for bioengineering
  • Laser nanowelding of carbon nanostructures

Call for papers