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University accommodation


Saratov State University offers to the students housing in 11 dormitories (Saratov and Balashov).
In accordance with the “Provision on Student Dormitory” student dormitory is intended for temporary accommodation and housing for:
- study period of non-resident undergraduate and postgraduate students of intramural studies;
- examination period and period of preparing the thesis/dissertation for students of extramural studies;
- entrance examination period.
Housing is provided to a non-resident student subject to the availability of faculty / institute dormitory rooms and on the basis of the following documents:
- personal application addressed to the rector, endorsed by the member of staff responsible for social work;
- photocopy of a passport with a non-resident registration;
- student status certificate from the dean's office / director’s office.
Housing is provided primarily to the students belonging to the social category of orphaned children and children left without parental care and, secondarily, to students belonging to the category of socially unprotected.
Assignment for dormitory accommodation is issued subject to the availability of free rooms in a dormitory. Housing of non-resident family students is carried out on general grounds, provided that both family members are students of the university. Each faculty
(institute) distributes places in the dormitory between its students independently, according to the quota. According to the disciplinary commission of the faculty (institute), the independent decision is made on the expulsion of a student having violated the internal regulations or having failed the end-of-course examinations. The place of the expelled student is taken by a student from the waiting list. The activity of student dormitories is coordinated and supervised by the Office of Social Work.
The following amount of charge for reimbursement of utilities has been established for students of intramural studies, citizens of the Russian Federation and equivalent categories of residents:
- in the SSU dormitories № 2-6, 8-10 - 336.00 rub. per month;
- in the SSU dormitory № 11 - 305.00 rub. per month.