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The testing centre for foreign citizens gives an opportunity to pass the Russian language examination in order to get a state certificate, verifying that student’s Russian language (as a foreign language) speaking skills meet the requirements of a certain level.

The testing is done according to 6 levels:

Elementary level (A1)

The Certificate of the Elementary Level confirms that the student is able to achieve his or her minimal communicative objectives in everyday communication.

Basic level (A2)

Successful performance in the Basic Test represents a standard of competence in Russian which enables a candidate to satisfy basic communicative needs in a limited number of situations in everyday and cultural spheres.

I Certification level (B1)

The Certificate of the First Certification level confirms that the student is able to achieve his or her basic communicative objectives in everyday communication on a variety of social and cultural topics. In addition, the First Level Certificate allows its holder to enroll in a Russian university. Is required to enter higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation

II Certification level (B2)

2 nd level certificate a relatively high level of communicative competency in all communicative contexts. At this level of language command the speaker is able to conduct professional activity in Russian in the area of Humanities, Engineering and Technology and Natural Sciences. Is required to work as a specialist in the fields of humanities, natural science, engineering and technology.

III Certification level (C1)

3rd level certificate indicates that the candidate has a high level of language command in all communicative contexts, which allows him or her to conduct professional activity in Russian in the area of Linguistics, Translation, Editing, Journalism, International Relations, and Management. Gives an opportunity to work as a philologist, translator, editor, diplomat or manager in Russian organizations.

IV Certification level (C2)

4th level referred to as an advanced stage of proficiency close to the native-speaker level, provides high-level final qualification in the language. This level is obligatory for receiving Master of Arts degree and is recognized for academic purposes in the field of the Russian language. Is required to get a diploma of specialist and master in philology of the Russian language, PhD in philology and pedagogy, enables to conduct all kinds of research and pedagogical work in the sphere of the Russian language.

Each test consists of 5 sections. Each section tests a different type of language proficiency.

Section 1. Vocabulary and Grammar
Section 2. Reading
Section 3. Writing
Section 4. Listening Comprehension
Section 5. Speaking

The Testing Centre also offers You:
  • to take a pre-test (50% discount of the testing fee)
  • testing preparation course
  • consultations on the testing procedure

For more information related to the test contents, its procedure and obtaining a certificate please contact the Testing Centre.