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40th Issue of Sweet Milk Student Magazine Released

25 January, 2023 - 15:00

40th Issue of Sweet Milk Student Magazine Released

Екатерина Селивёрова
Инна Акаева

The new 64-page issue of the Sweet Milk student magazine of Saratov State University has been published in 500 copies, its electronic version is available here.

On the cover of the magazine is Honoured Master of Sports in swimming (deaf sports), a student of the Institute of Sports and Physical Training Philip Torishnii.

The column by Ekaterina Seliverova (Editor-in-Chief) and Inna Akayeva (Editor-in-Chief) is on the first page of the issue. ‘In the winter issue, we decided to support you during this difficult academic time and remind you that in addition to exams, there are a lot of positive and interesting things in life: creativity, needlework, independent travelling and scientific expeditions, sports, university interest groups and, most importantly, love.’

Here, the editorial board of the magazine invites new authors to its team. You can write about your desire to become part of a friendly creative team in the social networks of Sweet Milk: anyone can try themselves as photographers, reporters, or designers.

The main article of the issue, prepared by Valeria Krotkova, is an interview with young scientists who have won the Presidential grants: Olga Moskalenko, Igor Shepelev, Yurii Gusev, and Anatolii Abalymov. They shared with the students their methods of successfully passing the exams without unnecessary stress.

The next page is dedicated to a master degree student of the Institute of History and International Relations  Aman Gajiyev, who commented about moving from Uzbekistan and studying at Saratov University. On page 16 there is an interview with the person from the cover – Philip Torishnii – about his sports path and major victories.

Most of the issue is devoted to travelling: both around the region and in Russia. Alina Ivashchenko prepared an article about domestic tourism and the profession of a tour guide, and Angelina Fedina took photos of the historical places of Saratov. A 4th-year student of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies Andrei Legostayev talked with Victoria Shatokhina about his motorcycle trip to Lake Elton and shared tips for those who want to go on a long journey on a motorcycle.

The editors of Sweet Milk Inna Akayeva and Ekaterina Seliverova wrote about their trip to Yekaterinburg, where they went to win the 2022 TIME CODE All-Russian Festival of Youth Journalism.

A series of articles was prepared by Chair of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology Maksim Chervyakov: travel notes about the expedition on the Professor Molchanov research vessel on the Arkhangelsk – Novaya Zemlya route, a photo report from the expedition of professors and graduates of the Faculty of Geography to the village of Sosnovka.

In the December issue, a whole block is dedicated to science. Associate Professor of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, SSU, Elena Tuchina simply and clearly told the reporter about coronavirus infection and its tolls, the difference between strains and vaccination. Its author Polina Gromova learned from Chair of the Department of Optics and Biophotonics, Head of the Scientific Medical Centre, SSU, Valerii Tuchin how electromagnetic radiation helps in medicine.

A separate part in the magazine is devoted to creativity. Students and professors of Saratov State University easily combine study, exams, and their hobbies: a student of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine and Medical Technologies Georgii Yagodkin invents his board game and makes models of a sailing fleet, a student of the Institute of Philology and Journalism Maxim Lapshin and Deputy Head of Innovation of the Scientific Medical Centre Olga Inozemtseva draw pictures. A Saratov artist Aleksei Sidushkin depicts the architecture of the city on coffee cups. He presented one such cup with a drawing to the editorial office of the magazine. And the journalists also found out how the meteorological site near Bldg. 4 was transformed during the summer internship thanks to the students of Saratov Arts College. Read about it in the issue.

The most touching spread of the issue is dedicated to the love story of two graduates of the Institute of Chemistry, SSU, who arranged a wedding photo shoot in the alma mater auditorium.

The main photos of the issue is a kaleidoscope of university events taken by Svetlana Artamonova, Sofia Mukhortova, Olga Voronina, Daria Tikhonchuk, Valeria Agadzhanova, Daniil Pronin, and Dmitrii Kovshov.

The illustrators of the issue Anna Yeryomenko, Sofia Starygina, Anastasia Kitsenko, and Maria Semenishcheva decided to support the students during the exams and prepared cut-out motivational cards that you can give to a friend or keep for yourself. In the tracker of cases for the exams from Kirill Kochetov, you can note the cups of coffee you have drunk, the notebooks you have written, and the books you have read. The issue ends with an interactive cover from Daria Filonenko – the bingo for the exams.

You can subscribe to the Sweet Milk accounts in social networks by following the links: VKontakte, Telegram.