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SSU Students Help Children from PRD and PRL Adapt

12 December, 2022 - 10:00

SSU Students Help Children from PRD and PRL Adapt

Полина Громова
Полина Громова
Виктория Покрищенко

On December 8, Rector of Saratov University Aleksei Chumachenko visited the Udarnik social and health centre, where residents from the PRD, PRL, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions stay. Together with the rector, Vice-Rector for Youth Policy and Organisational Work Anton Golovchenko, activists of the SSU Council of Undergraduates and Postgraduates, and members of the Staff of Student Brigades came to support them in this difficult time.

The guests got acquainted with the living conditions in the centre, talked with children and their parents. Staff and students of SSU are ready to help families in difficult life situations. One of the options for such assistance was the Be the Best with RSB project.

Rector of Saratov University Aleksei Chumachenko addressed the parents of schoolchildren, explaining that Saratov University acts as a reference university in the implementation of this timely and popular project in the region. ‘Our students themselves took the initiative to help families with children from the People's Republic of Donetsk, the People's Republic of Luhansk, and other regions. Students actively engaged in working with schoolchildren to promote soft adaptation to new conditions and integration into the educational process in the schools of the region. We believe that students will find contact with schoolchildren much faster. From the point of view of possession of subjects, our volunteers are well prepared.’

Deputy Head of the Office for Youth Policy – Head of the Office of Youth Initiatives and Projects, the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of Saratov Region Oksana Pravoslavnova also noted the readiness of the department to provide comprehensive support to families and children evacuated to the territory of the region.

The head of the media volunteers the Be the Best with RSB project, a law student Diana Mingazova introduced parents and schoolchildren to the activities of the movement. ‘During the year we hold a number of socially significant events, including the implementation of the Be the Best with RSB project. We understand that there are certain difficulties in the educational process, and we want children to be comfortable learning and getting maximum knowledge for further self-realization. And our students, in turn, are interested in developing pedagogical skills, so they will become reliable mentors for the children,’ Diana said.

Academic assistance is offered mainly in five subjects: history, geography, Russian, literature, social studies. In addition, students together with schoolchildren plan to attend cultural events, get acquainted with the sights of the city and the region.

The project team in the Saratov region included students, staff and teachers of the Institute of Philology and Journalism, the Institute of History and International Relations, the Faculty of Geography, and the Faculty of Law. The project will last until June 2023.