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Rector Chumachenko Met with University Students-Activists

18 November, 2022 - 10:00

Rector Chumachenko Met with University Students-Activists

Даниил Пронин
Дмитрий Ковшов

On International Students' Day, November 17, SSU Rector Aleksei Chumachenko talked with university activists representing different spheres of student life. The participants of the meeting shared the results of their work and the further development of student associations.

The rector congratulated the students on the holiday. He marked that the most important component of this day is solidarity. The rector noted that activists’ projects are important for the university. ‘Any university is primarily students. They are successful both academically and in other fields. Only young people can really apply creative approach to research. At the same time, our athletes are always pleased with their high achievements in competitions. The creative students of the university delight us with their creativity, bring the university victories in competitions. The members of student brigades promote patriotic projects for young people. Besides, I want to thank those who help the Headquarters of #WEARETOGETHER. By your actions, you are helping those who need it now more than ever.’

Vice-Rector for Youth Policy and Organisational Work Anton Golovchenko commented on the relevance of volunteer activities.

‘The work of the #WEARETOGETHER Headquarters is a large and important project that has been working at the university for three years. Our students helped during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, our volunteers are actively helping the mobilised citizens and their families. The Humanitarian Aid Centre is working properly. All this once again proves the necessity of your work,’ Anton Golovchenko addressed the students.

Acting Chair of the SSU Council of Undergraduates and Postgraduates Vladislav Bykov continued the topic and told the rector in detail on the work of the Humanitarian Aid Centre. Only last month 1,5 thousand kilograms of humanitarian cargo were collected. Further expansion of the headquarters' activities is planned.

Head of the Volunteer movement, a student of the Faculty of Philosophy Victoria Nikolayeva spoke about other areas of volunteering. She noted that volunteers work at university and city events. Today, activists are holding various projects aimed at helping different groups of the population.

Artyom Smalyuga, a student of the Institute of Physics, discussed the issue of involving young people in research. He shared the results of the student scientific society, of which he is a member. The main goal of the association is to develop the interest of young people in STEM. The youth of the university has joined the project of developing a new university building that will take into account the scientific needs of young researchers.

The results of the Project Workshop was presented by Maria Khristoforova, a student of the Institute of Philology and Journalism. The workshop is implemented under the Rosmolodezh microgrant. The project is aimed at developing student self-government and leadership competencies. And this student, Acting Head of the Media movement Anastasia Korzh said how university events are reported about in student accounts.

Head of the Headquarters of the SSU Student Brigades Sergei Kulik, spoke about various projects, participating in which students develop a patriotic position among young people. In addition, the activists work with schoolchildren, conduct lessons of courage.

The university athletes, winners of regional and All-Russian competitions in badminton, basketball, and football noted the successful involvement of young people in sports. Alexander Yefimov, Deputy Director of the club, and Sofia Atsigeida, a master degree student of the Institute of Physics, told the audience about the activities of the Student Club. They recalled that, this year, the university delegation as part of the Saratov Region team has won the Grand Prix of the I At the Height All-Russian Creative Festival of Working Youth; the Pro-Art 2.0 project received a grant from the off-site competition of Rosmolodezh.

The students shared their achievements in other areas: they talked about professional orientation and employment of graduates, the adaptation of first-year students, the improvement of students’ health, and the work of the Students Union, etc.

Summing up, the participants of the meeting agreed to further promote the main ideas of youth policy at the university. The rector thanked the students for their active position and added that he is always ready to speak with the university youth.