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About 2,500 Students Took Part in Marathon of Professional Development

1 November, 2022 - 15:08

About 2,500 Students Took Part in Marathon of Professional Development

Полина Громова по информации РЦСТВ
Архив участников

The Marathon of Professional Development was held at Saratov University. It consists of two stages: The Week without Turnstiles and The Employment Week. The project gave SSU students an opportunity to visit various companies and enterprises of the city and the region, learn more about their work, and ask questions to potential employers.

The marathon participants got acquainted with the most popular professions on the labour market, received offers of internships in leading regional organizations, and improved their creative potential, self-presentation, debating, and oratory skills.

The marathon programme includes the annual Week without Turnstiles All-Russian project, a series of excursions for students of all fields of training, introducing young people to their future profession. From October 10 to October 16, SSU students attended 22 excursions to enterprises of Saratov and Saratov region, nine meetings with employers, three master classes, three interactive lectures, and a seminar with employers. 13 faculties, seven institutes, and two colleges of Saratov University took part in career guidance events – about 2,500 students in total. They attended the sites of employers with face-to-face and online excursions.

The project participants were representatives of such companies as Neoflex, Space App, Rosatom, Rus Neft, Ruble Boom, ROSBANK, Sovcombank, Otkritie Bank, Saratov Electric Appliance Plant, and Rusagro-Saratov. The students also learnt about the Institute of Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants and Microorganisms of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Saratov Regional College of Arts, the Saratov College of Industrial Technologies, Saratov Bureau of Forensic Examinations, Saratov Customs, and others.

During the second stage of the marathon – The Employment Week – the students attended lectures, seminars, panel discussions on professional issues, as well as career guidance events. From October 17 to October 31, the students met with employers and leading specialists of enterprises and organisations, discussed important topics together, and searched for the answers to topical questions. The project is aimed at developing competencies necessary for employment, communicative and negotiation skills.

The annual participation of the leading organisations of the city and the region in The Marathon of Professional Development has become a good tradition. Saratov University has been maintaining partnerships with companies for many years that are eager to meet with SSU students, ready to conduct master classes and excursions for future employees, and invite young specialists to work.

To remind, the main goal of The Marathon of Professional Development is to increase the competitiveness and demand of SSU students and alumni on the labour market. The objectives of the project are to inform students about the regional enterprises, motivate them to undergo internships, and promote employment. The marathon is organised by the SSU Regional Centre of Graduate Employment and Labour Market Adaptation together with the institutes, faculties, colleges, and student associations of Saratov University.