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SSU Opened Consulting Venue for Young Teachers of Saratov Region

11 March, 2022 - 11:21

SSU Opened Consulting Venue for Young Teachers of Saratov Region

Андрей Болкунов
Виктория Викторова
Андрей Болкунов

On March 10, Gymnasium No. 7 hosted the grand opening of the CONSILIUM Consulting Venue aimed to support young teachers in Saratov Region. Its organizer is Saratov State University. The project partners are Gymnasium No. 7 of Saratov and the Saratov Regional Institute for the Development of Education. The venue will work as part of the Priority 2030 Support Programme for Russian Universities.

More than 100 young teachers from different districts of Saratov Region gathered in the assembly hall of the gymnasium (the venue is designed primarily for those whose teaching experience does not exceed 3 years). At least the same number of young teachers joined the event remotely through one of the 47 open online points in the district schools.

The audience was greeted by the Minister of Education of Saratov Region Mikhail Orlov. ‘The future of our school depends on how many young specialists we have at school. For us, this is a central issue: to make sure that young teachers appear at school, there is a natural change of generations, and the authority of the teaching profession grows from year to year. The contribution that Saratov State University makes to this matter is very significant. Most of you have graduated from this university, and thanks to the project, you will continue to be accompanied – throughout your teaching career. This is important, because it is not enough to graduate specialists, you need to understand how the acquired knowledge is applied in practice.’

‘The dream of Saratov University is about to come true,’ added SSU Rector Aleksei Chumachenko. ‘We have been thinking about this for a long time, it is extremely important for us that our graduates – school teachers – still have contact with us. I thank the Ministry of Education for their support. We have included the pedagogical direction, support for young teachers of the region in the Priority 2030 university development programme, because this is not only support for schools and teachers, but also support for those who will create and implement the Priority 2030 programme at SSU.’

The meeting was moderated by the Head of SSU Priority Projects and Programmes Elena Yelina. She drew the attention of the audience to the university programs of support and development of teacher education. Thus, the Week of Pedagogical Education Research-to-Education Festival is ‘a unique platform not only for our city, region, but also for Russia. Because students gather here – future teachers, school teachers, and heads of educational organisations as well as university professors. We would like to introduce you to modern university life, and to the innovations in pedagogical education, and to pedagogical science.’

The audience became very interested and ask questions by the report of the Head of the Department of Education Methodology, SSU, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Ekaterina Alexandrova titled The Organisation of Children and Parents Liaison at School.

The programme of the day ended with a master-class by the primary school teacher of the Gymnasium No. 7 Olga Nikitina, who graduated from SSU in 2013 and has recently won the Teacher of the Year city competition.

The CONSILIUM Consulting Venue is expected to hold such meetings once a month. In addition, it is planned to conduct research in pedagogical education, methodological sessions, research-to-methodology and research-to-practice conferences, master-classes, webinars for teachers and students – future teachers.

A virtual Advisory Centre for Young Teachers will be created on the SGU.RU website where they will be able to ask any professional questions and get comprehensive answers from the Saratov University specialists.