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SSU Presented Advanced Research Developments at Salon of Inventions, Innovations, and Investments

24 November, 2021 - 17:21

SSU Presented Advanced Research Developments at Salon of Inventions, Innovations, and Investments

Екатерина Савина
Алиса Савкина

On November 23, Saratov University took part in the XI Salon of Inventions, Innovations and Investments held in Russia – My History History Park. SSU presented a few current projects, four of which were displayed at the main exhibition of the salon and more than 15 projects – at an interactive exhibition.

At the university stands, SSU researchers demonstrated advanced university developments to Governor of Saratov Region Valerii Radayev and other visitors of the exposition:

The portable device for night therapy aimed to remove blood products and toxins from the brain of new-born children. This technology, developed by the specialists of the Smart Sleep Laboratory, is intended for the therapeutic transcranial effect of laser radiation on the lymphatic system of the brain of the new-borns in a state of deep sleep.

The development of a new component base of information and telecommunication systems using the results of the study of magnetic excitations. The carried out research has made it possible to gain new knowledge about nonlinear wave processes in magnetically ordered media and magnonic crystals. This is the second development of SSU researchers of that kind which is in demand on the market of the radio-electronic industry.

The multiprocessor software and information complex for modelling molecular systems for the KVAZAR supercomputer. The software package of this project makes it possible to reveal the energetically favourable configuration of the crystal lattice of the studied object as well as to study the electronic structure, electrophysical, optical, and optoelectronic properties of periodic and molecular structures.

The development of a passage system of oversized and heavy cargo (for Russian Railways JSC) project was developed to simplify the work of operators and increase the speed and efficiency of calculations associated with determining the oversized cargo.

At the opening ceremony, the head of the region praised the developers for the projects presented and paid special attention to the hat for the new-borns. The author of this project is Oksana Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya who explained the operation principle of the device to the governor and mentioned that the device helps to remove toxins from the baby's brain. In response, the governor jokingly noted that ‘such a hat should be made for adults as well’.

According to Valerii Radayev, the salon is intended to become a demonstration platform for the results of the Year of Science and Technology announced by the President. The head of the region noted the powerful research base of the Saratov universities, ‘Any high-tech product is born from breakthrough ideas, which, in turn, are based on fundamental knowledge. This knowledge is passed on by high-technology production sphere to stand still.’

The governor enumerated the examples of successful projects based on the integration of universities and enterprises. In particular, the SSU project on the synthesis of acrylamides, the introduction of new materials in road construction, and the improvement of logistics. ‘We see that the research interests are aimed at increasing the efficiency of vital sectors that are responsible for the comfort and well-being of citizens. Our higher school is dynamically assimilating modern knowledge. This year SSU has received the status of a federal innovation platform. There have been opened new faculties and courses oriented to the demands of modern times.’

SSU Rector Aleksei Chumachenko in his speech recalled that Saratov University initiated the salon. It was first held in 2005, then other universities joined to the initiative. ‘For universities, the platform is extremely important. We bring ideas here, we leave the salon with an understanding of what our industries and industrial partners need.’

Aleksei Chumachenko noted, ‘For universities – this is its own, dear history. In 2009, the salon was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Saratov University, in 2019 – to the 110th anniversary. Our salon lives up to the name. Like-minded people gather here to show projects, share thoughts with colleagues and potential investors, and set new goals. The salon has gone beyond the scope of a regional event thanks to serious world discoveries and federal and world-level industrial partners. Surely, the salon has great development prospects.’

Valerii Radaev thanked universities, companies, and small innovative enterprises and noted that the Year of Science and Technology in the Saratov Region was successful.

At the plenary session Aleksei Chumachenko said that SSU entered the Priority-2030 programme. As part of this ambitious program, the university is working on five strategic projects: the Personalised Medicine Technologies, the ICT and Electronics, the Chemistry and New Materials, and the Digital University, and the Teachers in the Educational Paradigm. In these areas, the focus is on the motivation of young researchers and work with research teams.

The salon will finish on November 24. Then, there took place a meeting of the club of technical directors and chief engineers of enterprises of the machine-building complex of the region.