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Lesson with a Champion Held for Students of Boarding Lyceum 64

8 June, 2021 - 10:00

Lesson with a Champion Held for Students of Boarding Lyceum 64

Анна Ахмурадова
Виктория Викторова

On June 4, in the SSU Swimming Pool, a swimming master class was held for students from Boarding Lyceum 64 (Pre-Universarium). The event titled the “Lesson with a Champion” was a continuation of the established partnership between the university and the Lyceum. Throughout the academic year, university teaching staff members have conducted special courses for schoolchildren, expanding their understanding of literature, biology, and chemistry. Future programmers have attended several cycles of lessons on the basics of programming, Olympiad training, and the basics of computer security. This year, the lessons have been held by the staff members of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies Elena Lapsheva and Aleksei Gortinskii as well as the employees of the Programmers Olympiad Training Centre headed by Antonina Fyodorova.

The university Centre for Supporting Talented Children has played an important role as it has helped school staff groups form and children adapt to learn in the new conditions. These were meetings with children in an informal setting. And also the centre staff led by Ekaterina Balakireva has conducted psychological testing in each separate group of schoolchildren, which has made it possible to quickly overcome the inevitable psychological barriers that have arisen in any new groups. This work will continue in the next academic year.

By September 1, the number of students will double, and the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th form students will begin their classes. The staff of the Centre for Supporting Talented Children will again take part in the selection of applicants.

The meeting of teaching staff from the Institute of Sports and Physical Training, SSU, university athletes, and children from Boarding Lyceum 64 has also contributed to the strengthening of the school-university partnership.

At the beginning of the meeting, Senior Lecturer of the ISPT Elena Shcherbakova conducted safety training and explained to the children how they must behave in the pool. Then the master class began, which was held by a European champion among juniors and the finalist of the World Cup in swimming Yegor Suchkov, who showed the students the basic styles: crawl stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly stroke.

Then Yegor and the second coach – Daria Zotikova – explained to the students how to properly stay on the water surface and push off the sides. The children under the supervision of mentors performed several exercises. Among them were the “star”, the “jellyfish”, and the “float”. While doing the latter you stay underwater on your stomach with your knees pressed to your chest.

In conclusion, Elena Shcherbakova held a relay race in the pool. The students split into groups and competed with each other. A PE teacher of the boarding lyceum Sergei Boyarskyii who accompanied the children to the master class, assessed the work of the coaches. ‘It was a useful master class. At its end, the coaches even arranged a joint round with the students, which makes the children inspired,’ Sergei Boyarskyii said.

The summer holidays of the schoolchildren started with a pleasant lesson – a lesson with a champion.