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Open Day of Faculty of Fundamental Medicine and Medical Technologies Took Place

21 May, 2021 - 13:45

Open Day of Faculty of Fundamental Medicine and Medical Technologies Took Place

Инна Герасимова
Виктория Викторова

On, May 20, Saratov University hosted an open day for the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine and Medical Technologies. Students of schools and colleges of Saratov and the region became its participants.

Those present in the hall were greeted by Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Igor Malinskii. ‘Finally, we managed to get together in full-time format and hold an open day for our new faculty. In September it will open its doors for you.’

SSU Rector Aleksei Chumachenko addressed the meeting members. ‘This is a special evening and a special open house for us for a number of reasons. The first is due to the fact that from the beginning of the academic year, the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine begins full-fledged educational activities. The second – no less important – concerns the responsibility entrusted to us by Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, who initiated the opening of a new educational structure at the university. The faculty faces an important federal task - to solve the problem of the shortage of medical personnel with the skills to work with high-tech equipment. As you know, new clinics are being built in the region, they will require highly qualified specialists, who, among other things, must be trained by us,’ the rector explained. ‘Another key point is associated with the emergence of new specialties that were not previously in the region. The first specialty in fundamental medicine was opened at Moscow State University 15 years ago, now there are about 15 similar faculties across the country.’

According to Aleksei Chumachenko, the whole range of disciplines, such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, information technology, on which the specialties are based, is presented at the university at the highest level. The work of the structure will be carried out in close cooperation with the scientists and teaching staff of Medical University and other medical institutions of the city.

Dean of the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine and Medical Technologies Sergei Kireyev introduced the schoolchildren to the content of the curriculum and prospects for graduate. ‘Such qualifications as a biophysicist, a cyberneticist, and a biochemist are a kind of symbiosis of combinations of classical medical, physical and mathematical, and chemical and biological education. These are specialists for the near future and the present. From the 1st-year students are introduced to anatomy, from the 2nd or 3rd year clinical disciplines appear: physiology, pathological anatomy. Graduates will possess information about medical methods of analysis, diagnostics and treatment processes, master the functioning of modern technologies.’

Oksana Semyachkina-Glushkovskaya, Chair of the Department of Human and Animal Physiology, Deputy Director for Research Commercialisation of the Research Medical Centre, SSU, told the audience about the research conducted by the team of the Smart Sleep Laboratory. Through the presentation, the applicants got acquainted with the scientific activity on the study of the mechanisms of work of invisible vessels during sleep. Initially, the experimental subjects were mice, then university students took part in the experiment. The video clearly demonstrated how blood vessels are activated during sleep and cleanse its tissues of toxic molecules accumulated during the day or during the development of diseases. Proven technologies help to stimulate invisible lymphatic vessels to remove accumulated toxic protein, blood, and can be used in the treatment of pathologies such as Alzheimer's disease and various brain injuries.

At the meeting, a university professor, Chief Physician of the Regional Combustiology Clinical Center of Nikolai Ostrovskii also participated in the discussion. ‘Combustiology is the science of treating burns. My activity personifies the combination of the very fundamental and clinical science that is offered to you for study within the walls of the university. While doing science in clinical departments, I have always been interested in the fundamental component. Having arrived at Saratov University, I began to work on those projects that will open to you from the beginning of September,’ Nikolai Ostrovskii shared his scientific interests with the audience.

Head of the Admissions Office Sergei Khmelyov spoke about the intricacies of the admission campaign of the current year and the rules for admission to the new faculty. So, traditionally, the admission of applicants will be carried out according to the results of the Unified State Exam, and for college graduates – according to the results of internal exams: medical biochemistry – biology / mathematics (profile level), chemistry, Russian; medical biophysics – mathematics (profile level) / biology, physics, Russian; medical cybernetics – physics / biology, mathematics (profile level), Russian.

As part of the meeting, future enrollees were able to ask questions regarding the educational process, the availability of state-funded places, the possibility of transferring from one course to another and other equally important aspects of studying at the university.

More detailed information on the rules of admission to the faculty can be obtained from the Central Admissions Committee by phone: 8(8452) 51-92-26 and on the website in the Admission to SSU section.