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III Forum of VFD Student Pedagogical Brigades Hosted in Saratov University

29 April, 2021 - 14:47

III Forum of VFD Student Pedagogical Brigades Hosted in Saratov University

Анастасия Гусева
Совет студентов и аспирантов СГУ

Saratov University hosted the III Forum of Volga Federal District Student Pedagogical Brigades. A full of events three-day educational programme was prepared for young counsellors and future teachers.

The opening ceremony took place on April 23, in the main building of the university. The event began with the Back to the Brigade song, which was performed by Irina Shulzhenko. The participants of the event performed a dance to the composition. The audience applauded to the beat of the music, the audience sang along with the performer.

Rector of the Saratov State University Aleksei Chumachenko welcomed the participants. He told the young counsellors about the book titled the Dream of Taiga ..., which is dedicated to the SSU student brigades. The rector shared his recollections of his work in the pioneer camps and gave the forum members a parting word. ‘They have either already looked at each of you, or will be looking at the big, trusting eyes of the children. Some of you may start writing your amazing and interesting life story from this, connecting work with teaching activities. Be a good example for children. Good luck to you!’

To dynamic music and loud applause, a procession of flags of Volga Federal District took place, after which viewers watched a video about the Saratov region, dedicated to the Park of Space Conquerors named after Yurii Gagarin.

Deputy Regional Minister of Youth Policy and Sports Angelina Belovitskaya addressed to the members of the pedagogical groups. ‘Saratov Region is the territory of the youth. I would very much like our region to become a traditional venue for forums of student groups, rallies and meetings. This year is under the auspices of the first manned flight into space. Therefore, I wish you that with the legendary parting words of Yurii Gagarin – ‘Let's go!’ - you would go to new heights, to new ideas and new achievements.’

The Borderlines modern dance group was greeted by the audience with thunderous applause and supportive exclamations. The concert item itself was presented in blue and scarlet tones to the melody from the Fifth Element movie. Immediately after that, the words of a commissar of the Saratov Regional Branch of the Youth All-Russian Public Organisation titled the Russian Student Brigades Margarita Rybakova. ‘I would like to wish you during the forum that you take the best from here, find something new for yourself, find inspiration, and come to your region with renewed vigour to develop your direction and your troops. And first of all, so that you also continue to burn with your work and pass this fire on to children.’

To the Yacht-Sail song by the Valentin Strykalo group, the audience stood up and began to sing along with the compositions. After singing together, Margarita Rybakova again appeared on the stage and congratulated two members of the student teams on their birthday giving them memorable gifts.

On the first day of the forum, active mental work awaited the young counselors. At the plenary meeting, they met with an international coach, the commander of the Central School, the commander of Volga Federal District Georgii Bolotov and attended the seminars titled the Unified pedagogical requirements, the Pedagogy of the 21st century, and the Normative legal acts regulating the activities of the counsellor. Professor Lyudmila Aksenovskaya told them about the basis of delegation and motivation. In addition, the organizers have prepared a quest tour of the city for the guests of Saratov. Numerous trainings for the members of the pedagogical brigades continued until late at night.

On the second day of the forum, fascinating master classes and trainings were held. In practice, all participants recalled the forms and methods of organizing squad activity, the basic rules of squad business and game construction, learned about the basics of correct articulation, working with voice and improvisation, about communication psychology and developmental psychology, learned to create projects from scratch. All this knowledge and skills will be useful to the counsellor in the future.

The final day of the forum was devoted to the presentation of projects and certificates. The participants of the large-scale event found new friends, received useful knowledge and charged with creative energy for further successful work in their regions.