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SSU Students – Prize Winners of VI Regional Young Professionals Championship

17 March, 2021 - 12:21

SSU Students – Prize Winners of VI Regional Young Professionals Championship

По материалам колледжа радиоэлектроники
Архив Колледжа радиоэлектоники

The VI Regional Young Professionals Championship (WorldSkills Russia) of Saratov Region was held from 9 to 13 March. The competitions were held online.

They were attended by students of the College of Radioelectronics and Geology College: K. Starikov and M. Nikitin (Information systems and programming), N. Stepanov (Technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment (by industry)), M. Isakov (Development and operation of oil and gas fields), Y. Malyugin (Programming in computer systems), A. Androsova and A. Gorbacheva (Economics and accounting (by industry)), I. Alekseevsky and V. Gridnev (Installation and technical operation of industrial equipment (by industry)).

Students of SSU colleges tried their hand at five competencies: "Web design and development", "Electrical installation", "Graphic design", "Software solutions for business", "Entrepreneurship".

The contestants were offered a set of tasks. Website development and application programming, design development from a badge to an office interior, programming and installation of electrical equipment, organizing your own business and carrying out financial and economic calculations - this is a far from complete list of competition tasks.

A difficult task with a high level of responsibility faced the teaching staff of the college, invited as experts. Valentina Belitskaya acted as an expert in the competence "Web design and development" in the age category of 16 years and younger, and Alexander Budyukov in the role of the chief expert of the championship in the competence "Engineering design CAD".

The participants of the competition, overcoming competitive tests, demonstrated skill and professionalism, creativity, initiative, endurance, the ability to navigate in a non-standard situation and other qualities.

The winners of the prizes were: Maxim Nikitin - 3rd place in the “Graphic Design” competence, Yaroslav Malyugin - 2nd place in the “Software solutions for business” competence, Alina Androsova and Alina Gorbacheva - 2nd place in the “Entrepreneurship” competence.

The experts-compatriots of the championship this year were the following members of the teaching staff: Surkhai Gakhramanov, Vasilii Stekolnikov, Valentina Yurina, Sofia Voloshina, Svetlana Prokhorova, Natalia Kondyreva, and Olga Yevlentyeva.