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Governor Valerii Radayev’s Congratulations on Russian Student Day

25 January, 2021 - 11:00

Governor Valerii Radayev’s Congratulations on Russian Student Day

Пресс-служба Губернатора Саратовской области

Dear Saratov students! Dear friends!

I heartily congratulate you on Russian Student Day!

This wonderful holiday is a tribute to the glorious traditions of bright student life will of different events. It embodies the passion, initiative, and energy of young people striving for new knowledge, and self-fulfilment as well as promoting bold ideas.

Saratov Region is proud of its student youth for outstanding academic success and achievements in research, creativity, and sports. Thanks to your resounding victories, the region is heard on the Russian and international scale. You responsibly participate in the volunteer movement and the community life. Your talents, huge potential, hard work, and focus on high results form the basis for the powerful development of your hometown and our entire country.

Let the student time be filled with interesting events and good deeds! Stay healthy and be prosperous and self-confident! Make great achievements!

Governor of Saratov Region Valerii Radayev