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Saratov University Newspaper Summarises Year 2020

19 December, 2020 - 15:45

Saratov University Newspaper Summarises Year 2020

Екатерина Савина
Юлия Аникеева

The December issue of the Saratov University newspaper has been published. An event that marks exactly one year is put on its cover namely the celebration of the 110th anniversary of the university.

Various projects, large-scale scientific conferences, concerts were prepared for the anniversary of the university. The celebration brought together the students, the professors, the alumni, and the friends of the university. You can recall those days and plunge into the chronicle of the anniversary events on the first and the tenth pages of the newspaper.

In the Focus section of the issue is material devoted to the main topic of the outgoing year – the pandemic and the work of the university in its conditions. One of the university main tasks of 2020 have included compliance with preventive measures and protection of the students’ and employees’ health. The spring studies, the summer exams, the defence of graduation papers, the admission campaign, the entrance exams, and the internships took place at SSU exclusively online for the first time. It has become commonplace to organise remote meetings of department and academic councils, research conferences, and panel discussions. Read about what has changed in the university life in the new 2020/21 academic year on the second page of the newspaper.

On the third page, SSU specialists give recommendations that will help protect against coronavirus. The experts have commented on the new social norms and the need to wash hands; shared the information of a set of physical exercises relevant for those who are on distance learning; discovered the secret of how to maintain good spirits and good mood.

The material in the Education section is dedicated to a new format of education – distance learning. On the fourth and fifth pages, professors share their experience of virtual communication with students. Head of the SSU Education Office Sergei Udalov has reflected on the distant technologies used in SSU.

The Anniversary column is devoted to Scientific Advisor of the SSU Institute of Philology and Journalism, Professor Valerii Prozorov who celebrated his 80th anniversary this year. For the first time, the anniversary was celebrated in an unusual format – the professor’s colleagues, the students, the friends, and the relatives gathered at a conference in Zoom.

The seventh page contains an overview of the traditional student events which have been moderated online this year. The author of the article together with the organisers and participants of the events recalls the graduation ceremony, the line-up for the Day of Knowledge, the Debut competition. and others.

The interview titled The Only Female Professor of Mathematics at SSU is published on the eleventh page. The newspaper journalist talked with Galina Khromova who spoke about her research and explained what mathematics and poetry had in common.

On the twelfth page you can read about a new social project aimed at preserving in the Saratov Region the historical memory of a world-famous lawyer, a public figure, a philanthropist, and a publicist, one of the significant figures of the “first wave” of Russian emigration Jacob Teitel. The project was supported by the Presidential Grant Fund and involved a wide range of university liberal arts researchers – historians, philologists, lawyers, pedagogues, and culture experts.

Saratov University has achieved a lot in the research publication sphere in the outgoing year, too. In the Science section the readers can learn about the best monographies and textbooks of the year, the success in publishing, and the achievements of the university research journals.

The issue closes with the memorable articles about the university professors who have passed away this year – Chair of the Department of Electronics, Vibrations, and Waves Dmitrii Trubetskov, Chair of the Department of Radiophysics and Nonlinear Dynamics Vadim Anishchenko, Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Language Teaching Methods Raisa Nazarova, and Dean of the Faculty of Nonlinear Processes Yurii Lyovin.

On the last page, the readers will find a calendar for 2021 as well as information about a project to create a university endowment fund. The electronic version of the new issue of the Saratov University newspaper is available here.