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Saratov Delegation Won Russian Student Spring Grand-Prix

10 September, 2020 - 16:24

Saratov Delegation Won Russian Student Spring Grand-Prix

Александра Головачёва
Архив фестиваля

The delegation of Saratov Region which included SSU students have won the Grand Prix in the overall scoring of the All-Russian Student Spring. The region programme of Saratov region was also awarded with the New Views on War special prize. The team and individual results were announced at the closing festival ceremony, which took place on September 9 in Rostov-on-Don. The winners carried the flags of Saratov Region and Saratov University onto the stage.

Except for the mutual victories the Saratov delegation showed great results in individual performances. Thus, for example, a student of the Institute of Philology and Journalism Daria Sheremetyeva received the Grand Prix in dancing. This is the first time in the festival history when the main award was given to a solo performer and not to a dancing group.

Daria spoke about the innovations of the Russian Student Spring programme and the secret of the Saratov team's success. “This year for the first time the Fashion competition has been organised at the festival. In addition, for the first time in a long time, so many folk and ballroom performances have been announced in dancing. It should be noted that the Saratov delegation, which included 79 people, has become the largest at the festival. Due to so many victories we have managed to become laureates in almost all nominations.”

The duet of a student of the Faculty of Philosophy Anton Gladyshev and a student of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies Alexander Tyan Sound Veil won the 2nd place in beat-boxing. The Groove masta team, which included a student of the Institute of Chemistry Vladislav Fedorchenko, took the 3rd position in street dancing.

Not only performers but also media representatives participated in the Student Spring and also received an award. Anastasia Trukhachyova and Ekaterina Marziokho, graduates of the Institute of Philology and Journalism, got the 3rd place in short filming.

Anastasia Trukhachyova told us about the making of their winning film. “This year we have taken part in the Russian Student Spring for the first time, and I am very glad that we have entered the top-3 list. We participated in the video contest and directed a short film, the topic of which became Another Reality. We had to comply with three requirements set by the jury: to deceive the expectations of the audience, unfold the story within 24 hours, and add a metaphor to the video.”

The student also added that “We had 2 days in order to write the script, film, and edit it. The main character of our story was a deaf-and-dumb taxi driver who managed to stop a criminal and tell the police about him. The filming was kind of extreme - we had to constantly drive backwards in the car to film its passengers. There were many difficulties but somehow it worked out magically. Our film will soon be available to watch in the Council group.”

You can watch how our region team members are awarded on the closing video of the XXVIII All-Russian Festival titled the Russian Student Spring – the Spring of Victory (timing 3:30:21).