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IPJ Master Student – Winner of Governor Grant Contest

19 August, 2020 - 13:14

IPJ Master Student – Winner of Governor Grant Contest

Екатерина Климова
Светлана Киселева

The contest committee for the Governor Grant in Journalism has announced the winners’ names. As a result of the meeting, one of the grant winners for young journalists studying at leading Saratov universities  became a 2nd-year master degree student of the SSU Institute of Philology and Journalism, Editor-in-Chief of the SGUshchyonka media project, a correspondent of the news of the web-site Alexandra Golovachyova.

Alexandra has been working as a correspondent for the SSU Media Centre since 2017 and since March 2019 she has been heading the SGUshchyonka editorial office. During this period the magazine's team have won such student projects as the Eventiada IPRA GWA 2019, the largest communications award in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the University Media Project Contest, and the TIME CODE Youth Journalism Festival. One of Alexandra’s main individual achievements in the past semester was the victory in the For High Achievements in Literature and Journalism nomination of the Success Award, a youth award of Head of Saratov City Municipal Structure.

It should be noted that last year the student graduated with honours, received bachelor degree, and continued her studies in the Institute of Philology and Journalism having entered the master degree course in media and communication systems management. Alexandra has been actively working with the students and the professors and preparing articles on topics relevant to the university.

The jury consisted of the directors of the leading region media centres, the administration of the region branch of the Russian Union of Journalists, and well-known Saratov journalists and researchers.

During the meeting of the competition committee, the Minister of Information and Press of the region Svetlana Bakal noted, “Supporting perspective young journalists we preserve our traditions in journalism as in any profession. The contest was conceived as an incentive for novice professionals who devote their talent, knowledge, and strength to their beloved work."