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In Memory of Yurii Levin

9 July, 2020 - 06:00

In Memory of Yurii Levin

Dean of the Faculty of Nonlinear Processes Yurii Levin died following a long illness.

Yurii Levin entered Saratov State University on September 1, 1959, and since then his life became inextricably connected with the university: an engineer of training workshops, a student, a graduate student, a senior research fellow, an assistant, an associate professor, a chair, and a dean.

He graduated with honours from the SSU Faculty of Physics in 1965. In 1974 he received PhD in Physics and Mathematics, in 1976 Yurii Levin became a senior research fellow, and in 1979 he became an associate professor.

Yurii Levin did a lot to establish the Faculty of Nonlinear Processes and Lyceum of Applied Sciences. For a few years he worked as Director of the College State Education-to-Research Centre of Saratov State University. Its goal was to develop the methodology and the equipment for new education institutions – the Faculty of Nonlinear Processes, Lyceum of Applied Sciences, and Izvestiya VUZ. Applied Nonlinear Dynamics. In 1994 the Faculty of Nonlinear Processes was finally established, and since then Prof. Levin was its dean. Yurii Levin was a co-author of the ‘school-university’ education concept which is implemented in Lyceum of Applied Sciences. Initiated by Prof. Levin the Department of Open Systems Physics was established at the faculty, and he became its first chair.

Yurii Levin was always devoted to the university, its staff members and students. He was a long-time Dean of the Faculty of Nonlinear Processes, a member of the SSU Academic Council, academic and award committees. Also he moderated research schools on dynamic chaos and microwave electronics and later conferences for high school students titled the Nonlinear Days for Youth in Saratov. For the professors and students Yurii Levin was a friend, a mentor, and a person who really loved the faculty. His colleagues and friends will always remember him as a dedicated physicist and a creative, kind-hearted, and attentive person.  

We would like to express our sorrow and condolences to Yurii Levin’s family. We will always remember him.

The funeral service will take place on July 9 at 2 pm at 19/21Vavilov Str. And at 2.30 pm a SSU Bldg. VIII (112A Bolshaya Kazachya Str.).